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Inaugural Bunny Gun Range day results & report


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The inaugural Shire Hunters Small Bore Rifle competition was held today in near perfect conditions with a clear sky and very little breeze to contend with for those trying this type of competition shooting for the first time. 12 shooters competed whilst Gunner assisted the 3 junior shooters who attended and took care of the BBQ whilst I looked after running the comp and range officer duties. The day started with a brief history of the club, an insight into the gear used and the safety aspects of the sport. The range was divided up to allow 8 shooters to shoot from the bench position whilst the remaining 8 were prone. Getting underway just after 9 the first shooting detail allowed shooters to sight their rifles in with the sub sonic ammunition required to be used at the range. The sighting in shoot progressed well and after a few adjustments to various scopes most were pretty well zeroed to allow the competition to commence. Over the next few hours shooters alternated between the prone and bench positions with the combined score from each position tallied up to find the top 3 positions. Some shooters took advantage of the conditions and completed a 4th non competition shoot whilst Gunner fired up the BBQ and got lunch going for all to enjoy. Thanks to all members who attended today, Gunner for helping organise the day and for  manning the BBQ and providing the food and refreshments and for Shire Hunters for subsidising the price of the ammunition.

The top three shooters on the days were Peter in 3rd position with a combined score for both prone and bench shoots of 357.8, Steve in 2nd with 367.6 and the winner was Matt with an excellent score or 385.8.









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