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  1. Drew Jaeger

    March 2018 Social Thursday 15th

    Accolades to the Committee for organising Bob McComb and 11th hour change of venue for the meeting. There were a few things had wrong with Fallow Deer regarding some of their behavioural traits. The biological proposal to reduce the Sambar population in Victoria after the numbers explosion is a concern. Bob reported Sambar numbers in Victoria to be estimated at 800K to 1M in 2017, with 90K taken each year. In the mid 80's the estimated number of Sambar in Victoria was 85K to 100K!
  2. Drew Jaeger

    March 2018 Social Thursday 15th

  3. Drew Jaeger

    March 2018 Social Thursday 15th

    Unless there is a flood of biblical proportions, I will be there.
  4. Drew Jaeger

    22 Target Day 2017

    A very enjoyable day indeed. Thank you Chook and Rick for organising it. The prize vouchers purchased a Spika Gun Vice, thank you. If I am available to attend the next 22 competition day, I will abstain from participating and happily turn snags on the BBQ.
  5. Drew Jaeger

    March Social night Thursday 16th

    Apologies, I'm unable to attend.
  6. Drew Jaeger

    September Social Night Thursday 15th

    Thanks, but unfortunately I have work the next day some 2.5-3 hours away.
  7. Drew Jaeger

    September Social Night Thursday 15th

    I might drive the 3hrs to hear what Mr DPI has to say.
  8. Drew Jaeger

    June Social Night Thursday 16th

    I shall be in attendance.
  9. Drew Jaeger

    May Social Night Thursday 19th May

    Apologies, I'll be attending the NSW Deerstalkers.
  10. Drew Jaeger

    July Social & AGM Thursday 16th of July

    I'm an apology.