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  1. Thunderstick

    20th October 2016 R-tests

    I can't get there until about 8:30. let me know if no-one else can make it.
  2. Thunderstick

    Test on Thursday 15th?

    Confirmed. Quite a few already booked in.
  3. Thunderstick

    r licence test

    No problem dano, I'll be there.
  4. Thunderstick

    November Social Thursday 19th

    Sure, no problem. Can you message me with your email please, and I will forward some information. Wayne
  5. Thunderstick

    Book for R license test

    No problem Dano, I will send you through some info.
  6. Thunderstick

    Book for R license test

    No problem, message me his email so I can send him some info.
  7. Thunderstick

    Book for R license test

    Hi Chelsey, yourself and Ben are booked in for the test at the next social on the 16th. Start time 6:30pm.
  8. Thunderstick

    June Social Thursday 18th June

    Yes it was a great night Rick. A big welcome to our new members and congratulations to those who gained their R Licence. It was good to meet you all and I look forward to seeing again at the socials and hopefully at some club hunts.